10 thousand downloads in less than 6 months

Kyriakos Stavrou on 31/03/2016

We are proud and happy to announce that yesterday our “11Pets: Pet Care” app reached 10 thousand downloads in less than 6 months. The feedback we are getting from our users is great and very encouraging and we promise to continue faster and stronger.

In the next few weeks we are planning to release the features you are asking for:

A dedicated webpage for each pet: Yes, with a click of one single button, you will be able to have a FREE, DEDICATED webpage for each of your pets. The first version will include a gallery and a news feed but version by version we will be adding more and more.

Food monitoring: To keep track of the food our pets are eating, whether they like it or not and their feeding schedule.

Veterinary visits: Details about visits to the vets including information about the reason of the visit, the comments of the doctors etc.

Appointments Scheduling: Management of the appointments of the different pets with the different professionals.

Expenses: Their love is priceless but some times keeping track of the expenses is not a bad idea. 

and many more which are too many to list here. Every single idea you sent counts and will be included in our future releases. 

As for our plans in the next months, we are mainly focused on the iOS and the web access.

Follow our twitter account to know exactly what we release and when.

Many many thanks!