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Groomer basic

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Pet and customer records

Everything you need to store about your customer and their pets

  • History of appointments
  • Products used, techniques and services
  • Typical entry state
  • Health and behavior and warnings

Electronic appointments

Manage your appointments intuitively and efficiently

  • Accessible 24/7
  • Confirm appointment requests at your convenience
  • Reminders for the customer
  • Automatic reminders and rescheduling

Communicate with the customer

Provide a better service to your customers

  • Inform for the work done
  • Notify for pick-up
  • Notify for delays and cancellations
  • Communicate events

Statistics for your work

Trends and data that will help you be more efficient

  • Income
  • Occupancy
  • Monthly and yearly trends
  • Data per pet and per customer

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