The Poodle as seen by a dog trainer

Mario Hernandez on 04/08/2016



We must go back to the middle-ages to find the origins of the Poodle, around 700AD when Muslim armies departed from Mecca and marched to Northern Africa. While advancing towards the Iberian Peninsula, these dogs bred with native dogs especially with the Portuguese water dog. Some experts argue that the barbet-poodle is of Muslim origin. From the sixteenth century the Barbet and the Poodle begin to separate as breeds.

After a period that the poodle stayed forgotten, it reappeared in France in the court of Louis XV. Many ladies imitating the monarch had poodles whereas at the same time the bichon was also very fashionable.

Physical Attributes:

Poodles are very agile and powerful which makes them exceptional for sports. As for their height, they measure from 25cm to 58 cm depending on the variety.


It is a faithful, cheerful, observer breed. They really like playing, learning quickly making them ideal for pets for children.


Needs regular brushing and professional grooming care.


The cost can be very high if the grooming is very common. They are quite greedy regarding food and so we should avoid excesses.


Most of the poodles learn fast and have good memory. Poodles can be stubborn, but because of their intelligence early training can help them to fully develop all their skills.


An active dog, loves long walks and exercise. If you are an active person this may the best breed for you.

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