The English Cocker Spaniel as seen by a dog trainer

Mario Hernandez on 05/08/2016

English Cocker Spaniel


The English Cocker-Spaniel, simply known as Cocker-Spaniel, belongs to the family of spaniels and continental Epagneuls. These Oysel dogs and pointing dogs replaced in the middle ages runner dogs and bloodhounds, as they were considered ineffective for hunting birds. The name provoked many debates about its origin. Despite its name it is very unlikely that its origin is the Iberian Peninsula, since there has never been any epagneul. Dog breed expert Max Siber believes that this name was given because of hunting techniques and methods that have been inherited from the Romans (hunting with nets) and Arabs (falconry) were being used.

Physical Attributes

It is an agile dog. Although not an extremely athlete dog, you can do a variety of sports with them. But where they really excel, is as a detection dog. They are generally used as companion dogs.


In this section there is a lot to say. Its popularity as a pet rather than as a hunter has serious drawbacks. Due to the large number of bred dogs, breeding has escaped the control of breed Club and irresponsible breeding (the serious failures that occur when people without knowledge breed Cockers with the only intention of doing business) led to aggressive dogs that bite without any apparent reason. This behaviour is mostly present among the golden Cockers. I must say that most of the dogs of this colour have a very good and quiet character. But putting aside these problems, the cocker generally has cheerful and benign character, it is very affectionate and has a good relationship with children.


Bath and regular brushing together with grooming by a professional at least 3 times a year.


Between 250gr and 300gr. of food per day.


Being a tracking breed training should begin early. Walking with a not well-trained cocker can be a difficult experience as they tend to keep their nose to the ground until they find a trace and then follow it for as long as they can. With proper training at an early age you can make the most of your walks with your Cocker.


Needs rather moderate walking. If you like relaxed sports, this can be your breed.

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