The Bulldog as seen by a dog trainer

Mario Hernandez on 04/08/2016



This dog was bred to fight bulls. His primary objective was to improve the quality of the bull meat. The Bulldog made the bulls run before they were taken for slaughter because people realized that this made their meat tender.

The first English Bulldogs had little resemblance to the current bulldog. They were dogs that resembled the boxer, very agile, muscular, straight and long limbs, short snout with a straight and thin tail.

Physical Attributes:

Although it is a good companion dog, in most cases, it is not an athletic pet. Bulldogs need to be walked but they are clearly not dogs for arduous sport, for example long distance jogging.


Despite their serious aspect, there is a clown that hides underneath. Bulldogs are always attentive to everything that happens around them. Although they were bred to fight, they are very sensitive dogs, and instead of brutality they clearly prefer tenderness. A little stubborn, yet patient and accommodating with children.


Simple brushing, baths and regular hygiene care.


The cost of maintenance is reasonable, the amount of food for this breed ranges from 400gr to 450gr per day. Of course this also depends on their physical activity and their metabolism, which like in people, defines their tendency for obesity.


You have to start as soon as possible to develop their excellent character, training them with patience and stimulating their intelligence.


To keep their muscle tone they need regular exercise, but with caution. Owners should make sure to not overdo it and above all, avoid walks during hot hours.

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