The Bichon Maltese as seen by a dog trainer

Mario Hernandez on 11/08/2016

Bichon Maltese


The Maltese together with the Bichon Frise are the best known within the Bichons, more known than the Bichon Bolognese and the Bichon Havanese. From all the Bichons, the Maltese is the oldest, with statuettes of this breed found in the tomb of Pharaoh Ramses II.

Their appearance has not changed over the centuries judging by the works of art discovered. They were introduced to Asia in the first century A.D. through the merchants that they accompanied along the Silk Road. In any case we do not have an exact origin for the breed since there are many hypotheses about this.

The Maltese Bichon has been present in Europe since the fifteenth century.

Physical Attributes:

The Bichon Maltese is a companion dog. It is not the type of dog that we can leave outdoors or even in a garden. As for sports, it is not the most adept breed.


Bright and elegant, it is very attached to their owners, likes to play with children and to go outside (not necessarily by walking though). Often being so elegant and cute their owners tend to treat them like teddy bears leading to moderate behavioral problems inside and outside the home.


Grooming can be quite complicated in order to maintain their spectacular coat on which the whole reputation of the breed is based. Grooming is better done at the hands of professionals.


Around 100gr of food per day.


To avoid the behavioral problems mentioned above, it is necessary to have basic rule training. Despite their size they are not weak at all. I have encountered some cases were these dogs have become true dictators, making it a real hell to live with them by barking and biting all family members. With firm rules however, your Maltese will make a wonderful pet.


Needs regular short walks, ideal for homebody people.

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