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AN OTHER DIFFICULT RESCUE IN 2016 (5 years ago) :
Norah has been roaming the mountains and village of Calahonda for all her life, having puppies but being wild and uncatchable. My friend tried to catch her several times but in vain. In the spring of 2015 she got pregnant, and the father and 2 puppies died in a road accident. We could then take 4 puppies to the residence, Nax, Niels, Nicky and Nelly. Mum and 1 pup stayed uncatchable.
Sara noticed them closer to the village a while ago, she was pregnant again, probably from the son. Sara could finally catch them, the mum looked sick and she took her directly to the vet. An emergency cesarean was necessary, for the puppies had died inside of her. The son and mum are very attached to each other. They comfort each other.
In the beginning we tried a foster home for Norah, but she was just crying all the time for her son, and Nando was very sad as well. So we took her back to the residence and promised them thy would only go together.
We have done checks on them and to our surprise Norah is full of lead bullets, Nando has a few too - so no wonder thazt they shy away from humans.
Fast forward to 2021... they are still with usd in the residence. Norah is now 12 years, Nando 5. Still inseparable. I would love to find them a home where they can be together, have their garden to go into and a comfortable big bed to rest in together.

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