Spanish Galgo


Firstly, we need to clarify that the Spanish Galgo and the and Sighthounds not the same. The Sighthound is a broader concept, a type of dog with the proper structure that allows it to reach high speeds. The Sighthounds in general are primary used for hunting hares.

The Spanish Galgo is the Spanish Sighthound. Cave representations of the ancestors of the Galgo have been found in Alpera (Albacete) in the so-called “Cueva de la Vieja” which date to 10,000 BC.

There are different theories on the origin of Spanish greyhound. According to the dominant ones, the Galgo was introduced in the Iberian Peninsula either by the Celts or the Romans after the Arab occupation for eight centuries. It is this “Arabic blood”, that gives to the Galgo extraordinary strength which makes the breed an excellent long distance runner.

Physical Characteristics:

It is an elegant but muscular dog who is explosive and fast. The Galgo has been designed to run and it that exactly that!


They have a very calm temperament and do not look for trouble with other dogs. Being a country dog, many Galgos are insecure and fearful but this can be easily corrected given that at its origin, it is a breed that loves to play and be with its family.

Although the breed has been designed for hunting and running, Galgos make excellent pets as at home they love to be calm.


Simple brushing, bathing and hygiene care following the instructions given a professional groomer.


Around 600gr – 750gr of food per day.


As a trainer, while working with Spanish Galgos I found a variation of cases, dogs that were calm and secure but also the complete contrary, dogs with many fears and extremely insecure. Although training is very important for all Galgos, it is even more critical for the insecure ones. This will help them to get rid of their fears and gain confidence and enjoy their lives.


To maintain their muscles, they need a lot of exercise. Galgos love walks and especially enjoy running. They are the perfect match for people that love running outdoors as they can enjoy the company of their dogs to the maximum.

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