French Bulldog


Although it is known for certain that the French bulldog as we know it appeared in France in the late nineteenth century, nobody knows for sure its remote origins.

Physical Characteristics:

Although it is a good companion dog, in most cases, is not an overly athletic type. They need regular walks but intense sport or jogging several kilometers might not be adequate.


Despite its serious side, the French bulldog is good friend full of vitality. It is a dog who is always attentive to everything that happens around him and is quite sensitive. A little stubborn, but with children it is patient and very accommodating. He is interested little of his kind, it can be a little bossy with other dogs.


Simple brushing, baths and regular hygiene care.


The cost of maintenance is reasonable, the amount of daily food is between 200gr and 300gr. Of course this also depends on their physical activity and their metabolism which, like in people, defines their tendency for obesity.


You have to start as soon as possible to develop their excellent character, training them with patience and stimulating their intelligence.


To keep their muscles they need exercise, but with caution. The owners should make sure to not overdo it and above all, avoid walks during hot hours.

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