Yorkshire Terrier


The Yorkshire terrier is a century-old dog. Although now we see it as an elegant companion dog, in reality it is a hunting dog. The Yorkshire terrier when from the Scots hunting grounds to the salons of Paris.

This dog exists thanks to the migratory wave that in the early nineteenth century that led the textile workers of Glasgow to move to the York County. These rather poor Scots were very fond of hunting and were using some very agile and brave dogs similar to the Skye terriers. Once in Yorkshire they crossed their dogs with local dogs, some strong terriers called broken hair terriers.

Long hair is achieved through the contribution of the Bichon Maltese which were brought by trips around the Mediterranean by British sailors. All this gave birth to the Yorkshire terrier in its primitive form.

Physical Characteristics:

Despite its appearance is a strong dog that loves walks. We should remember that their origins are hard terriers that hunted rats and other prey. Despite its appearance, it is a very vivid and energetic dog.


It is a companion dog, affectionate, likes playing with children. The Yorkshire terrier also loves relaxing moments on the sofa or on the knees of their owners.


Needs daily brushing and professional care.


On average they eat around 70 to 90 grams of food per day depending on their level of exercise.


It is not a docile dog and by this I do not mean it's a bad dog, but a dog that needs a lot of psychology to get it to obey. Good training will keep your Yorkshire terrier keep away of trouble.


As we have said before is a dog that will not say no to long walks.

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