German Shepherd


As we know today, this breed is relatively recent, it was late last century when the captain Max Emile Frederic von Stephanitz (cavalry officer of the Prussian army) wanted to achieve a synthesis between the shepherd of his country dogs and also set their skills most notable durably. I think the first modern German shepherd came after very rigorous selection and breeding.

We can say that Sheepdogs already existed in Germany for centuries but their morphology was very different depending on the region they came from, their size, coat, fur texture etc.

Physical Characteristics:

It is a multipurpose dog, serving in the field of detection, such as guide dog, rescue, pastor of flocks, guardian, as protection dog with good skills for any sport, agility, ring etc. It is a strong and sturdy dog ideal for an active person or an athlete.


It has a temperament overflowing vitality, but it has to be obedient. The German Shepherd is less impulsive than other breeds of the same type. We have to consider seriously know how to choose a puppy that will be part of our family and if we educate with love and firmness, it will serve as a guarantee that everything will work properly.


Simple brushing, bath and regular hygiene care.


The cost of maintenance is reasonable, the amount of daily food this breed will need is about 500gr to 600gr. Of course this also depends on their physical activity and their metabolism which, like in people, defines their tendency for obesity.


All dogs regardless of breed race need training, but for the German shepherd this is very important, since it is a strong dog. For a while now I have being seeing that problems of insecurity often lead to aggression. Do not forget that it is a strong dog bred to work. If we just leave to act without correcting the behavior, this can turn against you and lead to very worrying problems, hence the importance of good training done by a professional.


The German Shepherd is a breed that needs daily exercise, therefore we meet their needs with long walks and a lot of time playing with them. So if we are very inactive people, however how much we like this breed may it is not the most adequate for us.

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