Boxer is a German breed and although its creation is from the late nineteenth century, its origins go back in time. In the middle ages we can find footprints of these dogs that form this breed

A particularity of the breed is its name "boxer", an English word that has been attributed to a German breed. This contradiction shows all clashes and disputes that Germany and Britain were in when trying to define their nationality of the breed.

Physical Characteristics:

It is a great breed, an excellent companion dog with great qualities such as courage, loyalty, patience. They behave really well around the people, and are especially adequate for families with small children as they are patient and very playful. We should be careful with males as they are especially authoritarian with other males.


Despite their serious aspect, there is a clown hides underneath. Bulldogs are always attentive to everything that happens around them. Although they were bred to fight, they are very sensitive dogs, and instead of brutality they clearly prefer the warmth. A little stubborn, but with children it is patient and very accommodating.


Simple brushing, bath and regular hygiene care.


450g medium 550 gr. of food daily.


Boxer is a highly intelligent and strong dog that needs a lot of training to control all this energy so you can enjoy them at a hundred percent.


A breed that needs daily exercise and is ideal for people who like outdoor sports.

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