It is a scent hound of English origin and its standard is set by the British; its evolution is linked to the country where he was born. According to Dr. Jacques Bourdon Beagle's name was first used in the early fifteenth century.

Physical Characteristics:

It is a tireless muscular dog with a great sense of smell. Beagles are used for hunting rabbit, hare and other small game with a shotgun. They are also used for sports like agility.


It has a lively, cheerful, intelligent and determined character, has a good relationship with dogs and children. If Beagles are exercised regularly, they can perfectly live inside.


Simple brushing, bath and regular hygiene care.


The cost of maintenance is reasonable, the amount of daily food will be around 300gr. Of course this also depends on their physical activity and their metabolism which, like in people, defines their tendency for obesity.


Being a hunting dog, it is important to start the training as soon as possible. The Beagle is quite independent and this eventually can be a problem for their owners especially when releasing the dogs in the mountain since their instinct will lead them to track and disappear following the trail.


The Beagle is an active dog, and therefore needs long walks. For owners the like moderate sports, it can be one of the breed that best suit their way of life.

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