Vaccination and deworming

Mario Hernandez on 21/01/2016
The importance of vaccination and deworming

Keeping a correct schedule of vaccinations is critical for the health of our pet and they protect against severe diseases that could even lead to death. From an administrative point of view it is also important to keep their health book up to date as it is needed in case we want to travel.

It is equally important to properly to deworm our pets for both our and their health. We should not forget that we share the same space with our pets and in many cases the parasites can be transmitted and affect the humans as well. Just by following the deworming schedule we practically eliminate the danger from parasites.

How to find the "Periodic Maintenance" section
How to find the “Periodic Maintenance” section

Setting reminders for deworming or vaccinations is done in the same way. From the Internal Deworming menu, for example, tap “Settings.”

From this menu you can personalize the reminders:

  • Every: you can change the cadence of the reminders, changing the number and unit, every month, every 7 weeks, etc.
  • Next: you can set up the one that will be the first reminder. Just add the date of the next deworming so that the next ones are configured from this.
  • Reminder: that is when you want the app to remind you of the deworming, the same day, the day before, a week before, etc.
  • Notes: you can add additional notes if you want.
How to set reminders
How to set reminders

To add the deworming once it has been done, you simply tap the green “tick” and it will be added automatically.

How to mark how to do a deworming
How to mark how to do a deworming