The most complete pet app, 50+ ways to care for your dog or cat

Kyriakos Stavrou on 20/12/2019

11pets: Pet Care provides a variety of features to cover every need you might have. In this post, we provide a summary of the main functions to help you get started.

Main Menu

The Main Menu of your pet summarizes all important information and gives access to all other sections. You can access your pet details by tapping on the arrow at the right of your pet’s photo. In the “Details” section you can keep all the register information of your pet (learn more).

The main menu of your pet
The main menu of your pet

Care Section

The Care section is where you can monitor the daily care of your pets. The 11pets: Pet Care app provides a dedicated subsection for each need. You can select the visible subsections by tapping the “Configuration” button at the bottom-right corner of the screen.

  • Hygiene Care: Log and schedule their hygiene care (baths, hair care etc.) (learn more)
  • Maintenance: Track and schedule their preventive care (deworming etc.)
  • Vaccination: Keep all information and schedule for the vaccination of your pet.
  • Cleaning: Schedule the cleaning of their beds, plates etc.
  • Medications: Manage any medications and get reminders about every administration.
  • Measurements: Track their weight, height and temperature
  • Incidents: Monitor health incidents and share the details with your veterinarian (learn more)
  • Food: Track their food and control the supplies with reminders
  • Estrous: Monitor the estrous cycles for female pets
Daily care section
Daily care section

Medical Records

In the Medical section you can keep all records regarding the health of your pet. The category is split into subsections, to allow for better and more efficient organization of the data.

  • Lab documents: Keep blood tests, urine tests, x-rays etc.
  • Numeric Values: Track specific numeric metric (blood sugar, Hematocrit etc.) with a chart
  • Diagnostic Test: Store the “yes/no” tests (e.g. FeLV, FIV)
  • Genetic Tests: Keep the results of DNA tests
  • Medical Conditions: Store all information and monitor any chronical conditions
  • Allergies: Store the information and monitor the progress of allergies
  • Surgeries: Keep all information about any surgeries your pet had
  • Vet Visits: Log all visits to the veterinarian (learn more)
Medical data section
Medical data section

Photo Gallery

Keep the photos of your pet. See them either as a gallery or as a timeline.

Photo gallery
Photo gallery


Access the schedule of your pet and see all pending and future activities. When you care for them, you can simply select the corresponding pending action and mark it as “Done”. The app will create the corresponding entries and calculate the next event.

With the Productivity Plan you will be able to synchronize the agenda of your pets with the calendar of your device. The 11pets app will be able to write in your device’s Google, Outlook, Apple or any other calendar. (more information)

Your pet's schedule
Your pet’s schedule


When you leave your pet with someone for few days, create a Care Guide and share it with the caregiver. This includes all the information for their needs as well what to do in case of an emergency.

If your pet has a medical issue, create a Medical Incident report and share it with your veterinarian. The report will include all the relevant information and help have a more accurate diagnosis and a more efficient treatment plan.

Share the data with caregivers
Share the data with caregivers

Other Sections

The “11pets: Pet Care” app provides many other features that help you care for all your pets. These features are accessible from the initial screen of the application.

  • Professionals: Keep the data of professionals and search for nearby businesses (vets, groomers, etc.)
  • Supplies: Control the remaining stock for all the foods you are using and receive top-up notifications
  • Adopt: Find adoptable pets from several shelters
  • Blog: Access interesting articles from our blog
  • Electronic Appointments: Request for an appointment with a professional (learn more)
  • Monitor expenses: monitor all your pet care expenses and download it in Excel format easily. (more information)
  • Track your pet’s behavior: 11pets includes a dedicated menu that allows tracking the behavior of each pet. (more information)
  • Custom tasks: you can program your own tasks and reminders. (more information)
The dashboard of the 11pets: Pet Care app
The dashboard


If you feel that we missed something, just send us an email and we will make sure to include it in one of our next versions.