How to keep all the information of a grooming session

Kyriakos Stavrou on 07/11/2019

11pets: Groomer allows keeping every useful information of your grooming sessions in an efficient and intuitive way. Each session has 5 steps that are explained next.

Step 1: Appointment Schedule

Here you can store all information about the appointment itself.

  • The date and time
  • The pet and the owner
  • The type of the service
  • The expected duration of the service
  • The groomer that will offer the service

The system automatically shows any pre-set warnings for the pet (e.g. “need to use muzzle” or “typically comes very dirty”, …). Warnings are also shown for the owners (e.g. “typically comes late” or “payment pending”).

In this step, you can also send the appointment details to your customers. Through the 11pets app, they will receive notifications and reminders on their smartphones.

Step 1 - Appointment Schedule
Appointment Details and sending the reminders to the client

When the time for the appointment comes, tap the “Start Button” (at the bottom). The system will then create the menus for the next steps and automatically move to the “Pet Come-in” step.

Step 2: Pet Come-In state

This step allows you to store information about the state of the pet when it came in.

  • Who brought it (the owner or someone else?)
  • If they came on time or they delayed (to give warnings)
  • The state of the pet (knots, dirty, …)
  • Add photos and notes
Step 2 - Pet Come in state
Information regarding the entry state of the pet

This information is useful for future appointments of the same pet. You will be able to know how it typically comes (through the warnings explained in the previous step) and schedule your time adequately. The same applies for the owner as you will know whether he or she show up on-time.

Step 3: Service

Here you can register information about the service you have offered to the pet.

  • The actual time you needed to complete the service (relevant for future appointments)
  • Details about the service (technique, nail clip, …)
  • A list of the products used
  • The groomer that offered the service
  • The price

11pets offers automations to help you be more efficient. The “reload buttons” allow copying the information for the products used, the services offered and the price from the previous appointment.

Step 3 - Service Completed
Information about the service offered to the pet

Step 4: Notify Pickup

After the service is done, the family needs to be notified in order to pickup their pet. You can send a customized message selecting the elements that will be included. You can send the pickup message through an SMS, a WhatsApp or through the 11pets app.

Sending the “pickup message” through the 11pets app has several advantages. Your customers will receive a summary report of the care you offered to their pet. In addition, they will be able to book their next appointment electronically.

Step 4 - Notify Pickup
Notify the family for the pickup

Step 5: Pet delivery

This step is where the family picks-up their pet. You can take not of:

  • The pickup time and person
  • Whether there was a delay or not
  • Payment and purchases of other products

You can take note of all the products your clients bought, such as toys, accessories or food. You can note how they paid you (cash or by card), apply discounts and know at any point in time if there is any pending amount.

Step 5 - Pet delivery
Information about the delivery of the pet and purchases

Save and complete

As a last step, tap the “Save and Complete” button. This will save all data and update the corresponding statistics.

Save and Complete
Save And Complete the appointment