How to add an animal

Albert Pallé on 04/06/2020

11pets: Adopt is the most complete platform for the management of Animal Welfare Organizations. This tutorial explains how to add a animal new animal to your database and all the information that can be added to it with a few simple steps.

The information that can be added for each pet includes:

  • Basic information (name, breed, gender, etc.)
  • Birthdate
  • Medical book
  • Whether or not it is neutered/spayed
  • When did it arrive at the shelter, its origin, etc.
  • Its legal state
  • And much more information that will be very useful

In the following video we explain step by step the process.

Your shelter can also benefit from 11pets: Adopt. Just send us an email at with information regarding your organization and we will get in touch with you. 11pets: Adopt provides everything that a shelter needs; management of animals, volunteers, medical data, veterinary data, web presence, adoption contracts and many more.

You can see more information about the functionalities of 11pets: Adopt and some of the organizations that already use it here.