Communication with your clients

Albert Pallé on 18/04/2020

We know that the communication with your clients is very important. 11pets: Groomers offers an efficient and effective for you to have regular communication with your customers. With this new functionality, you can:

  • Send messages to your customers quickly
  • Select the clients to whom it is addressed
  • Communicate offers, promotions, last minute changes, etc.

This functionality comes very handy when you want to inform your customers about your vacations and let them know when you are leaving and when you are coming back. Let’s assume that you do not want to send this message to all the clients you have, but just to the ones that came in the last 12 months. The application allows defining such lists a very simple and intuitive way. In addition, you can exclude clients that you do not want to receive this message.

The communication is saved using templates allowing easy reuse in the future. The functionality allows you sending the message by SMS or by email, very useful if you know you have the clients’ email addresses.

In the following tutorial we explain every step:

Remember that to send the messages correctly, they have to be in SMS format (and not MMS). Please consult the settings of your mobile device to verify. If your devices is configured to convert SMS to MMS, please change it first. Unfortunately, each company has its own configuration regarding this aspect. Here, as an example we list the steps for Samsung devices:

  • Open the SMS application
  • Tap the Menu icon (3 dots)
  • Then go to Settings
  • Then to More Settings
  • Finally go to Multimedia Messages
  • There you will have to tap on Set Restrictions
  • And choose the “Restricted” option

If your device is still not configured to send SMS, we leave you a last alternative: you can use an external application (such as the Handcent Next SMS) and set it up as your SMS manager.

Many of you have asked us to make it possible to send the communication messages via WhatssApp. At the moment, the WhatsApp application does not allow to external applications to send messages with multiple recipients. For this reason, communication messages need to be sent SMS. If the possibility of doing so is enabled by WhatsApp in the future, we will update this functionality.